The Green Frog Syndrome

Green Frog

(As told to us by a long time customer of Gretchen’s Gallery:)

I never had in mind to buy a green frog. I never even saw a reason to own a green frog. I didn’t know where I would put a green frog or why I would ever spend money on a green frog. What possible reason would there ever have been for me to purchase a green frog? But then I stopped in at Gretchen’s Gallery, where I know to “expect the unexpected,’ and instantly I spy this particular green frog. With his bulging eyes, open mouth and cute webbed feet, I am suddenly smitten.

I look at many other lovely and unusual items for sale but am drawn back to him. I am finally half way out the door when he calls me and this time I cannot resist... The next thing I know I am plunking down good money to purchase....a green frog! A frog that when I woke up this morning was as far from my mind as the Sun from the Earth. But now he greets me each morning with his infectious smile and brings me great joy. I tell my friends about this experience and they say similar things have happened to them at Gretchen’s Gallery!... They have left with a treasure that they never knew they ever wanted or needed and that now has become so very precious to them. We collectively nod our heads knowingly and refer to it as “The Green Frog Syndrome.”

Visit us at Gretchen’s Gallery and leave with whatever wonderful unique item is your own special “green frog.” Then please message us and tell us your story!